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We Have Featured the

“Top to Toe” concept of professional products to the end consumer.

A concept which is fully different from other cosmetics retailers.

With an emphasis on hair care; we also feature categories which are not less important such as skin care, Nail care, Makeup and fragrances and personal beauty appliances. 

In fewer words

The concept is a One-Stop Shop Beauty Professionals and bloggers are now on our trail, following our lead, to spread the concept; where our visitors never think to go anywhere else. Jothen Cosmetics is the reality of Beauty Desire. for all beauty needs.
Men grooming
Methodologies, products, and accessories have been recently highly developed and mutated all over the world; we have been acting as a market leader though in Kuwait throughout providing the latest premium technologies and products in 

Jothen Gallery Branches

السالمية  |  شارع حمد المبارك  هاتف: 1868888 داخلي: 1001, 1002

السالمية  |  مجمع البوليڤارد      هاتف: 1868888 داخلي: 1009

الشويخ    |  لايف سنتر                  هاتف: 24826979  

الفروانية  | مجمع مغاتير             هاتف: 24758660

العقيلة    | مجمع الليوان             هاتف: 22210126

الجهراء    |  مجمع أوتاد                 هاتف: 22243732

الجابرية  |  مركز بيرلز                    هاتف: 25351787


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أن نكون الوجهة الأولى لمتسوقي مستحضرات ومنتجات التجميل لكل مهتمة بالجمال، بفضل خبرتنا الطويلة في هذه الصناعة وشغفنا بنشر احدث صيحات عالم الجمال في المنطقة ، هذا مايجعلنا نضمن رضاء عملائنا




To enrich every woman's life helping her to show her natural beauty through serving her with the premium beauty products all over the world followed by the rightful education on how to use them perfectly. 



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