Tylo Sense Combi Elite - Pure Sauna Heater

اللون:10N-Extra Light Blonde

رقم المنتج#: equitylosensecomb

من: تايلو

Tylö’s electric sauna heaters are one of the
keys to enjoying your home spa – exquisitely
enveloped in gentle steam and aromatic
fragrances or relaxing in the traditional dry sauna
heat. The way we want to spend our time in
a sauna is a matter of personal preference
and depends on the needs of the moment;
a classic dry sauna, or a more humid Soft
Sauna experience. Tylö’s electric sauna
heaters always deliver top performance,
thanks to a combination of functionality,
aesthetics and environment. Together with
attractive surroundings, this creates the
conditions for a perfect sauna experience.

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