Goldwell Dual Senses Color Extra Rich 60SEC Treatment 200ML - 205549XA

اللون:10N-Extra Light Blonde

رقم المنتج#: HCGWLDUSTRT76696

من: غولدويل

"Nourishes thick and coarse hair
Fade Stop Formula actively strengthens the anchoring of color molecules
Hair color is intensified with a brilliant shine.

Goldwell DualSenses Color Extra Rich range of products nourishes thick and coarse hair whilst intensifying color.

Ideal for thick and coarse color treated hair, the Dualsenses Color Extra Rich 60Sec Treatment regenerates hair upto 100% in 60seconds and restores color brilliance. The Goldwell’s innovative Color Chroma Complex is infused with Raspberry Seed Oil to reduce color fading.



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After Shampooing apply treatment to hair and comb through
Leave the Treatment on for 60 seconds
Rinse thoroughly