Salon in a Bottle Root Touch Up Spray 43g - Brown Medium-Dark BR1

اللون:10N-Extra Light Blonde

رقم المنتج#: HCSIBXXXCOL89938

من: صالون ان ابوتل

> Soft to the Touch
>Waterproof (Swim-Proof)
>Smudge Proof
>Remains in place until your next shampoo
>Natural Color
>Precision Airbrush Nozzle
>Beautiful Sheen

Salon in a bottle is a quick and easy way to spray away your gray. It feels light and natural on your hair. Just a spray covers gray roots in seconds. Salon in a Bottle airbrush nozzle precisely conceals roots. Its nutrient rich formula contains Vitamin E, Chamomile and Green Tea Extracts. Salon in the Bottle is swim-proof, smudge-proof and lasts until your next shampoo. No more hat and scarf days.

We are Jacques and Kara Soufer, creators of Salon in a Bottle and owners of Parvenu Beauty Center in Beverly Hills, California.

For years, we had heard the frustration of our customers who couldn't find a satisfying solution to cover their gray roots between salon visits.  We created Salon in a Bottle to meet their needs.

After three years in product development, we emerged with a root concealer spray that covers gray roots in seconds - one that has sheen and nuance, with a light and natural feel.  Salon in a Bottle has none of the messy, sticky, flakiness of other root concealers.  Spray Away Your Gray with Salon in a Bottle.

Find out and point towards the gray roots of hair and simply spray the appropriate matching hair color