Chella Heated Eyelash Curler - (500019)

اللون:10N-Extra Light Blonde

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من: شيلّا

Enhance and curl the appearance of your lashes,safe & gentle in use.

Hello Lashy Lady. Here's a real eye opener for the girl who would love to have the curl but has had it up to here with the crimping, pinching, and breaking of traditional hinged lash curlers. Now you can warm your way up to lashes that really get noticed. This sleek, safe and gentle heating wand delivers maximum curl where you want it without damaging your eyelashes. Beautiful!

Say Goodbye to the crimping and pinching caused by traditional lash curlers. This sleek, safe, and gentle heating wand is essential to enhance the appearance of your lashes. Designed to be used after mascara application, this curler gently warms lashes to deliver long lasting curl. You can now achieve the maximum curl without damaging your eyelashes for a beautiful & polished look.

Hello. Growing up in Southern California, I witnessed my Mom as a single parent devote her life to her kids and a better future. I saw her when she had nothing but dreams and ideas and watched in amazement as she made them come true. I watched her enter the male-dominated world of commercial real estate in the 1970’s and how she leveled the field with her creativity, ideas, and intellect. I saw her grow into this extremely talented and powerful women, respected for her accomplishments.
 Chris Kolodziejski with his Mom Diane during the holidays.  


The power of creativity, positive thinking, visualization & dreams are all values that I learned at an early age from both my parents. I saw the transformation occur in my Mom and to this day, she remains an inspiration to me each and every day. I have also seen those concepts work their magic in my life.  As I began back in 2002 to create and form Chella as an idea and brand, I discovered that all of these life lessons applied to beauty and self-esteem. I understood that I could help empower women through beauty. This has become the inspiration of Chella, the realization that beauty both internal and external can and will change your life.

As a Southern California Brand, founded in 2003 out of my garage, I have seen, for over a decade how our Chella products have transformed how women feel and look. Nothing can impact your look and make you look more sexy, confident and complete as quickly as perfectly groomed brows. We understand this, it’s in our DNA… it is our passion. We focus only on brows and eyes and create salon quality products. At Chella we simplified this confusing routine into “How to Brow in 3 Easy Steps!” It is designed to enable anyone to learn “How to Wow Your Brows!”

At Chella, we want women to be confident, beautiful and powerful. We are all about supporting your dreams, aspirations and transformation. We know how you feel with great Brows. Beautiful!


Chella products are Cruelty-Free and Chella does not condone the testing of animals.

Designed to be used after mascara application, this curler gently warms lashes to deliver long-lasting curl. Simply switch on the curler (green light illuminates) and let it heat up for 20 seconds. For top lashes, place the heated comb under the lash line and carefully lift and hold lashes against the eyelid for up to ten seconds. Repeat up to three times or until you achieve the look you like. After switching off the curler, let the device cool for 30 seconds and clean by gently wiping with a moist cloth when necessary.