Nashi Argan Sun Shower Gel Bronze Extender 300ml - NS00823


Item #: BCNASXXXTLR90197

By: Nashi Argan

>For both Face & Body >Hydrating >Prevents Skin Aging >Uniform Tanning >Waterproof action

Nashi Argan Shower Gel Bronze Extender is the cleansing gel that meets the needs of tanned skin and restores deep moisture after exposure to sun, wind and salt. Its delicate formula enriched with Argan Oil, Betacarotene, Butter Butter, Aloe Vera and Allantoin creates a screen against the aggressive atmospheres giving you all the comfort and softness you need.

Nashi Argan Is a Premium Italian hair & body care brand. Each Nashi Argan product has been made to suit women's needs, through simplicity & efficacy,giving smoothness, shine & discipline to all kind of hair. These are based on excellent natural ingredients of organic origin like Argan Spinosa Kernel Oil & Linseed Oil

>Argan Oil

>Aloe Vera
>Butter Butter

Use it during shower to take care of your tanning skin.