Ionto Comed Relax Evolution Massage Bed


Item #: furnionto-comedrelax-evolution


The IONTO-RELAX Evolution speaks in a completely individual way, not just two, but three senses, by combining music, vibrations and light into a soothing experience. In addition to the IONTO soundmotion technology, controlled by APP, with music and deep-acting vibrations, colored and pulsating light from the foot of the IONTO-RELAX Evolution plunges the room into a color mood that highlights the everyday life. The noble, indirect lighting intensifies the experience of the music and contributes to the relaxing effect of "body listening". As a particularly comfortable couch, it also offers optimal conditions for relaxation. It can be perfectly adapted to the individual needs and allows every customer a comfortable lying position. A tempered wellness padding also increases the feeling of well-being.

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