Moser 1400 Mini Corded Hair Trimmer - Burgundy - 1411-0150


Item #: HEMOSXXXCLP76079

By: Moser

- Corded Hair Clipper
- Classic Design
- Oscillation Armature Motor (6000 RPM)
- Star Blade - High Grade Stainless Steel Blade Set
- Cutting Length: 0.1 mm to 3.0 mm
- Cutting Width: 46 mm
- Cable Length: 2.0 meters
- Power: 10W
- Weight: 520 gms
- Attachement Comb: 4.50 mm
- Accessories: Cleaning Brush & Oil

Moser Corded Hair Clipper - Burgundy - 1400-0150 is a classic must have hair clipper for almost every barber shop. It is a combination of striking design & high performance. Probably, one of the most successfully selling hair clipper model in the world. Moser Corded Hair Clipper - Burgundy - 1400-0150 has been the favorite of all hair dressers since over two decades now.

Precision-ground Stainless Steel Blade Set STAR BLADE “Made in Germany”.

MultiClick® Cutting-Length Adjustment with 5 lockable positions 0.1 – 3.0 mm.

Quiet and powerful Oscillating Armature Motor featuring 50% higher performance.

1 x Attachment Comb 4.5 mm
Cleaning Brush

Exceptional product ideas, future-oriented technology and first-class quality “Made in Germany” are the characteristics that define the MOSER brand. MOSER is the leading European manufacturer of hairstyling appliances and sets standards when it comes to innovative professional appliances. All professional MOSER hairstyling appliances and, naturally enough, precision blade sets are made in Germany, being developed and manufactured in Unterkirnach and distributed from there throughout the world.