Farmskin Freshfood For Skin Cleansing Wipes For Dry Skin (60 wipes/pack)


Item #: SCFRMXXXFAC97127


removes even heavy makeup in 1 minute,travel friendly


Cleansing makeup remover wipe for dry skin

For better results use 1 or 2 wipes to completely remove your makeup

"Eating superfood is good.
Applying it on the skin is even better."

      is a motto of Korean Brand Farmskin which found out that superfood showed outstanding effects in improving various skin troubles not only when we eat it but also when we apply it on our skin. Various natural components contained in each superfood is wholly extracted to make fresh and healthy cosmetic material. The Superfood Salad Mask line was made to help effectively manage our skin conditions that differ every day, by matching the diverse effects of twelve superfoods with our skin troubles.